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P.O. Box 82141, Las Vegas, NV


Maxwell Marketing was established as a home-based small business in Central Valley, California in early 2000. It was plainly a marketing of Home Interiors, Decors, Tropical Plants, Antiques, and other Gift Items marketed through word of mouth and emails to clients like Doctors, Nurses, Engineers and everyone in the area who has no time to go shopping in the malls. The idea of internet shopping which include gift wrapping especially during holidays met the needs of neighboring clients.

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Account Executives

Today, Maxwell Marketing through its Account Executives in the US and worldwide, and its online machinery "e-maxwell" has entered into partnership with various businesses engaged in Real Estate Investments and Rentals, Mortgage, Furnitures and Galleries, Women's Fashion and Accessories, and other companies that provide services such as Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, Notary and other Legal Services, Handyman Services, Real Estate Transaction Services, Website Development and Maintenance, Virtual Business Assistants, and other related matters.

The company is not just a marketing arm but also an information system that any existing or potential clients can obtain when needed like utility companies and others within its area of coverage in just a "click of the mouse".

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