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APPLEONE PROPERTIES, INC.’s major thrust is in serving the interests of its consumers with trailblazing concepts, business sophistication and impeccable workmanship in its projects. True to its commitment of attaining the highest degree of standards, both in products and services, APPLEONE PROPERTIES, INC. prides itself with a team of professional experts in various fields of real estate development. Partners and consultants for its projects are top caliber professionals who are well respected and admired in their fields.


AppleOne Banawa Heights presents an array of unique features nowhere to be found in any recent residential condominium in Cebu.

It's the first of its kind project that will redefine condo living. Three different home types are available to suit your discriminating taste.

With 70% open space, you will surely get more breathing space for generous walkways, jogging trails, pocket gardens, lots of green areas, wide road networks and spacious parks and playgrounds. AppleOne Banawa Heights also boasts a signature design inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area's Pacific Heights. All three home offerings are designed with Victorian Theme. 

An amenity that everyone looks for, Appleone Banawa is packed with not just 2 or 3, but a total of 5 swimming pools! Isn't that beautiful? 

As you enter the subdivision, you will also be greeted by an elegant gate which is a statement of itself. Complimented by an enchanting fountain, you will feel the luxury whether you're a homeowner or a visitor. 

Apart from all the comforts, we know that security is at top priority. AppleOne Banawa Heights is committed to give the ultimate privacy and security that you need. The buildings are designed to have private clusters and a keyless access control.

Appleone Banawa Heights is not just a condo, a subdivision, a community, a beautiful place, a park, an affordable investment, and a home. It also defines a social status!

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